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Resale and Consignment Guidelines

It’s quite simple really...


Sort through your recently (nothing more than 3 years old) outgrown clothing: Children, Teen, Women (0-18),  and Men’s Casual (S-XL)


Please note: We only accept brand new newborn clothing (0-12m) and we do not accept any men's or women's suits.  We do not accept men's dress/button down shirts or pants.  We do not accept plus sizes.  We only accept genuine leather women's fashion boots.


Ask yourself if you yourself would buy this item in a resale shop?


  • Look for stains, missing buttons, broken zippers, too much fading or pilling, out-dated....leave these items home.

  • Match-up any outfits, fold them neatly after freshly laundering them. 

  • You may bring in a maximum of 25 items, once every 7 days.  10 item minimum (unless extremely high end)to begin a contract.

  • Items must be in a stackable bin, box or laundry basket. (NO hangers or bags of any kind).

  • You must wait in the store while we sort through your items. We will return the items not chosen in the container you bring them in. 

  • We will not accept clothing if tags are cut out.

  • We will not check for dates at time of drop off. However, during pricing, we reserve the right to donate items more than 3 years old or sell them for a lower price.

  • If we take less than 5 items, you may not receive an email/inventory list.


Consigning/reselling has been made as uncomplicated as possible. We have this down to a fine art and you can generally be in just a few minutes.

When sorting through your items our “x-ray vision” (ok, maybe it’s the fluorescent lighting!) will undoubtedly detect flaws that you will not see at home. Keep this in mind! Even the most careful scrutinizer (including us!) will miss a spot or two. Our selection process is based solely on the buying trends of our customers.


Expect about 1/3 of your items to be selected on average. So, don’t stress yourself out needlessly - use your best judgement.


Please call the store to find out what season we are currently accepting.


WE DO ACCEPT: Clothing, Children's Sleepwear, Footwear, Outerwear, Designer Handbags, Belts, Scarves, Hats, Books(for store credit), Costumes, Dancewear, Sports Cleats, New Jewelry, Baby Equipment, Pottery Barn Children’s Bedroom Items, Toys, New Unopened Puzzles and Games


WE DO NOT ACCEPT: Men's or Women's suits, sleepwear (unless new with tags), women's plus sizes, Women's sundresses and Maxis from Target or Kohls, Men's dress shirts/button down shirts/dress pants,  Housewares, CDs, DVDs, Bedding, Cribs, Car seats, Knick Knacks, Videos, bath toys or Stuffed Anything....



Contact Us

Butterflies and Bullfrogs - At The Pad

505 East Street
Doylestown, PA 18901


Tel: 215.345.1142

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